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Air Purification

Lets Plant Some Fresh Air!

The Air Pollution has enhanced the risk of several respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Medical experts recommend immediate action to combat the menace and safeguard health. Without air, life cannot be sustained beyond a few moments. On an average, an adult takes about 20,000 breaths per day. Air is the single largest substance entering the bloodstream. The importance of clean and safe air is evident! Polluted and unsafe air can only give poor health and takes away the joy of life.


We are proud to present the Plasmacluster Ion Technology, patented by Sharp. The Plasmacluster Ion Technology generates Forest Fresh Safe Air, kills airborne bacteria, virus, microbes etc and eliminates odour. Plasmacluster Ion

Technology has been verified and certified by 18 Independent renowned research organizations across the world for it’s effectiveness against 29 types of harmful airborne substances like viruses, allergens, mould, fungi, dust mites, bacteria and static electricity.