Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Packaged sewage treatment plant (STP) manufacturer


A superb newly patented & high-capacity process for dewatering/water cleaning of polluted sediments pumped by dredger.

  • Helps in cleaning polluted lakes, ponds, small rivers, channels, and industrial water basins.
  • Helps in cleaning/dewater any type of sludge / sediment such as ports, channels, settling ponds etc.
  • Helps in cleaning sewage water
  • Helps in treating polluted water from all kinds of mines
  • Stand by unit for water cleaning plants – High capacity
  • Machines work with a very high capacity and can clean contaminated water with a dry substance upto 1 – 8%
  • Water can be cleaned up to 450 m3 /hour
  • The cleaned water is ready to drink if a UV station is added at the end.
  • Poison like arsenic, quick silver and heavy metals are left in the concentrated sludge
  • Processed water from industries and mines with various heavy metals will be separated