Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Packaged sewage treatment plant (STP) manufacturer

How does it work?

A new system for dewatering and purification of contaminated dredge material.
The technique is based on an invention which is patented and is unsurpassed in capacity and purity. In a continuous process, plant separates virtually all particles with up to 450 m3 /hour.


  • Contaminated water with the dry substance up to 8% is pumped into the machine by dredger with the capacity of 450 m3 /hour.
  • Contaminated water undergoes a mechanical and chemical treatment so that the particles settle, sink and get bolted out.
  • It is almost 100% pure water which is discharged and returned.



  • Service container contains polymer mixing unit, laboratory, workshop, and pantry.
  • Dewatering machine. Capacity 450 m3 /hour.
  • Height 2.80 m, Wide 2.44 m, Length 12.10 m, Weight 6400 Kg
  • Energy consumption is around 15 kw.