Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Packaged sewage treatment plant (STP) manufacturer


The dredger masses with a dry-substance (DS) between 1-8% are pumped into the machine where the DS is measured and accordingly the chemicals are added.

The contaminated water is pumped into the machine by a dredger or a big pump with a capacity of about 450 m3 /hour. The dry substance is measured by a sond and regulates the flow of polymer.

The pumped material (includes the polymer) enters the mixing compartment where heavier materials like stones are separated and screwed out of the machine.

The material goes to a settling compartment where all the particles effected by the polymer are flocculated. This means that the macroscopic small particles have joined to small flock – which sinks to the bottom of the sedimentation compartment.

On the bottom of the compartment the sediment will be screwed together to the outlet where it will be compressed and screwed out of an automatic valve.

DS incoming 1-8%. Outgoing DS 20-30%.


Process Flow

Flow Chart